Rebol [2019]


Saturday 6th

10:30am Introduction; Why I use Rebol
Christopher Ross-Gill

10:50am Amish Programming in the Age of WebAssembly: Introducing Rebol WASM Build
Brian Dickens

12:00pm What’s happening at Atronix that will interest the Rebol community?
David den Haring

12:30pm Lunch Break

1:10pm Building a Content Query Language
Ed O’Connor

2:30pm Some Dialect Demos
Christopher Ross-Gill

Sunday 7th

10:00am Talking to C libraries without C code
Shixin Zeng

10:45am ZOE – A patented, panning and zooming HMI (Human Machine Interface) written entirely in Rebol
David den Haring

11:30am Abusing UTF-8 For Fun And Profit (Rebol Internals and API Design)
Brian Dickens

12:30pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Coding on a Phone
Giulio Lunati (recorded)

1:30pm Building Rebol Web Apps
Brian Otto (recorded)

2:00pm Writing a Rebol Lexer in Rebol
Mark Ingram

3:00pm Wrap—Discussion